5 Great Persian Dishes by Russell Sajadi


A fragrant dish originating from Tabriz in the north-west of Iran, Ghormeh Sabzi is the most popular Khoresh (stew) in Iranian households. Made from fried green herbs, red kidney beans, dried lime and lamb meat and served with white rice this dish will quickly become a family favourite.



5 Great Persian Dishes - Ghormeh Sabzi


Gheymeh Bademjan is a hearty Khoresh (stew) made with split chickpeas, eggplant, tomatoes, dried lime, and lamb. Sprinkle this dish with potato ‘fries’ for a crunchy finish in texture and serve with white rice.

Gheymeh Bademjan


A rice-based dish cooked with dill (fresh or dried) and green broad beans served with chicken, lamb shanks or neck. The combination of dill and broad beans is a common recipe in Middle Eastern cuisine with the two complimenting each other perfectly.

5 Great Persian Dishes - Baghali Polo


A combination of two Persian words, Tah (bottom) and Chin (to set). This dish is made in the form of a rice cake with rice, yoghurt, eggs, chicken or lamb and plenty of saffron. The crispy outer layer of Tahchin is often fought over at Iranian dinner tables.



A green herb and egg based Persian style frittata, this dish is a favourite for vegetarians. Kookoo Sabzi is a traditional food prepared for Nowruz (Persian New Year) celebrations and can be enriched by adding zereshk (barberry) and walnuts.

5 Great Persian Dishes - Kookoo Sabzi

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